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Support Creative Brands

Passion for consumer-facing businesses.

Expert, supportive partnership with leaders.

Helping to build inspired, well-governed companies.

Integrity Brands oversees a program of conviction-driven, pro-active investments and involvements in branded multi-channel consumer businesses. Its mission is to apply intuition, analytical rigor and passion to create value, through building deep, flexible, respectful partnerships with leaders.


Finding Value Hidden in Plain Sight

In consumer-facing companies, compelling value is often masked by a complex mosaic of creative and operating challenges. Integrity combines a deep understanding of art, science and leadership to identify and support compelling teams, visions, and business models.

Partnering to Unlock Value

Building a brand requires a difficult balance: nurturing the core creative vision, yet giving proper weight to operating needs and financial realities. Integrity’s foundational cornerstone is a different, relationship-based approach to investing that is uniquely suited to the nuances and subtleties of brands. Integrity forms deep partnerships with leaders, based on intuition and empathy, and through those partnerships helps to blend art and science to unlock value and create success.


Integrity’s investments are linked by conviction — about the creative vision and business potential, and, about Integrity’s ability to play a value-enhancing role.

Public Companies

Integrity invests in leading national and global multi-channel brands, at times of deep undervaluation, based on a clear thesis for value-creating change. Integrity engages formally and informally with leaders and boards, offering a range of expert assistance to realize long-term value.

Emerging Brands

Integrity invests in emerging brands distinguished by compelling leaders and product visions, disciplined business models, and progressive cultures. Integrity engages with founders, teams, boards, and shareholders to help develop visions and strategies and drive success.


In its involvements, Integrity:

  • supports, advises, coaches CEOs and founders 
  • helps recruit key team members, structures compensation 
  • serves on, leads, develops boards 
  • manages relationships amongst shareholders, board members, and leaders 
  • helps to coalesce, evolve visions and strategies 
  • coaches key team members 
  • leads, supports strategic planning, business development 
  • assists in planning and execution of multichannel operations 
  • oversees turnarounds, restructurings, and sales.

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